Deborah Pagani

Serpent Headband

We’re thrilled to unveil our captivating Serpent Headband for the very first time! A standout from our Serpent Collection this headpiece designed to fit all sizes draws inspiration from Victorian-era serpent jewelry. It elegantly displays two interwoven snakes with striking emerald green eyes representing themes of rebirth, immortality, love, and wisdom.

This marks Deborah Pagani's inaugural venture into adapting a single design into a range of hair accessories including our well-known hairpin, barrette, and headband!

Headband is 6" in height and 5" in width and is made of stainless steel and IP plating weighing at 7.4 grams. Every order comes with a Deborah Pagani headband velvet travel sachet. To keep your objet shiny and polished, treat as your finest piece and clean regularly with a cloth. 

*Item is non-returnable* 

Kink Free & Care Free
Non-Bendable & Dependable
Exquisite & Elevated
Cachet & Everyday