Deborah Pagani
Deborah Pagani designs fine jewelry and hair accessories for women after her own heart: a tribe of veritable femmes fatales.

Collections reflect the curved shadows and stark shapes of Art Deco plus silhouettes inspired by 80s excess and 90s minimalism - codes that stand the test of time. Pagani’s luxurious yet understated fine jewelry and hair objet are offered at a variety of access points. 

Pagani started her career styling hair in the late 90s, working alongside masters such as John Sahag, Oribe Canales, and Rita Hazan. Pagani launched her fine jewelry brand in 2008 after friends admired the pieces she created for herself.

Deborah Pagani collections are a celebration of individual beauty. Each piece is designed to complement a woman’s face and body, bringing out their best and brightest.