The Adventurine 3.27.2020

"As everyone settles in for who knows how long a stretch of staying at home, many jewelry designers lit up our feeds with the ways they were handling this new normal. We were inspired by their creativity, delighted by humorous highlights, grateful for the ideas for entertainment and moved by their generosity to help various causes.

Mother of three, Deborah Pagani began the week sharing bead necklaces she made with her children. She ended it with the hilarious photo above and the sentiment in her caption that was shared by so many parents taking care of young children at home, "Hey, virtual learning 📞You there? You can go F yourself.
#teacherwithnotraining #stayhomestyle #helpme #sos 🆘 #CallingAllMoms this is a safe non judgy place where you can #Vent."

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