National Jeweler: Current Jewelry Trend: The Roaring 20's

A new decade not only makes one anticipate the future, but also recall the past. In jewelry history, what a past it was in 1920, the beginning of the Art Deco era.

In design, Art Deco is closely tied to architecture, as exemplified in the stark, clean lines of the Chrysler Building in New York City (completed in 1930) and, in jewelry design, in the geometric creations from companies in their heyday, such as Cartier and Raymond Templier.

The period has influenced jewelry design for decades, but expect to see more of it as designers pay homage to the iconic era on its anniversary.

Contemporary jewelry designers like Doryn Wallach, Nikos Koulis and Deborah Pagani consider Art Deco a consistent touchpoint for their bold, geometric creations, accessing the timelessness of the period in their modern interpretations.

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