Jewelry Connoisseur 10.11.2020

Creating new jewelry from old lets clients personalize pieces while still holding on to their history.

Upcycling is becoming increasingly popular in jewelry. Consumers are bringing in pieces to transform into more wearable options, while jewelers are hunting down pre-loved treasures to form the basis of contemporary creations. The ethical benefits of upcycled jewelry, along with the emotional ties and sense of history such pieces offer, make it easy to see why older elements can be a thrilling addition to a new design.

Gems that are tens or hundreds of years old can be tricky to work with. “I always check on the condition of the stones,” says New York jeweler Deborah Pagani. “If anything is particularly fragile or looking like it’s not in the best shape, I would be hesitant to reset it.” Read more on Jewelry Connoisseur.

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