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Adorn India Magazine, March 2017 issue featuring interview with Fine Jewelry designer, Deborah Pagani.  

Deborah Pagani Defines Art Deco
DEBORAH PAGANI’s charming pieces resemble horseshoes and
pills, which are every bit sparkly, eclectic and beautiful as you
can imagine. ‘American Made’ is something that is essential to
her brand, says the designer whose jewellery production is firmly
established in her home city, New York. Deborah redesigns and
decodes Art Deco silhouettes. Aesthetically, that translates into
creations undeniably classical in their construct, and especially
refreshing – inherently stylish with a modern twist.
She worked as a hair colourist for over a decade and, while in her job, she began
designing jewellery. Despite being one of the highest paid colourists under 30,
Deborah left it all behind to follow her passion. Unfazed by her lack of formal
training in jewellery making, Deborah, who had always been “creative and crazy
about jewellery,” launched her own line – her first collection Cleopatra in the City.
What helped was that when she first started out, there weren’t any young designers
doing Art Deco-inspired contemporary jewellery. Her namesake brand was soon
picked up by leading department stores in the US and found appeal with a new
and growing audience. The rest, as they say, is history.
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